The Story behind Savoie Faire


Many years ago, we were thinking of our retirement future and we always thought it would be fun to have an “estate” of sorts with a fun play on our last name.   My husband loves fishing so he always thought it would be fun to have a fishing camp for our retirement “estate”  but then as we added to our family, we discovered our love for RV camping.

My husband and I have been camping since the beginnings of our relationship.   We often went tent camping around the metro area several times a year and enjoyed our experiences.  In 2010, we purchased our first travel trailer and we took it on several camping trips that we really enjoyed.  The following year, we used it as a “fishing camp” and then we had our son!  We sold that one (much to my dismay) and for the first year of our son’s life, we skipped out on the camping life.  But then, just a few months later, we realized how much we missed our trips in the great outdoors and we invested in a camper our neighbor was selling.  That first “family” camper was such a great investment for our family and we certainly got a lot of use from it.  We took it to many state parks and even to the beach for a long weekend mini-vacation.  But as our son grew, and our camping needs changed, we opted to invest in more space and a new camper.  But the one thing we held on to was our adaptability to our new surroundings no matter where we went camping.  We purchased our Keystone Outback in January 2016 and have set forth on many fun and relaxing camping adventures since then.  When we purchased our new “vacation home” as I call it, I told my husband that we should name her!

Our last name is Savoie, often pronounced “Sav-wah” so it seemed like the expression “Savoir Faire” was an ideal match for our “vacation home.”  After all, the expression “Savoir Faire” is a reference to adaptability in any situation— and certainly our RV adventures require a level of adaptability! Like our tagline says, “Always at home, wherever we roam.”  We thought it was a perfect play on our last name AND on our travels in our travel trailer!

Tell us, do you have an RV? Do you have a name for her?  Or do you have dreams for an estate some day?  What do you plan on naming it?

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