Brown, You’re going Down



We LOVE our camper.  It’s roomy, it’s got tons of storage and many modern conveniences like an automatic awning, nice new controls for the water tanks and electric, and beautiful wood cabinetry, an outdoor kitchen and other great amenities.

I don’t however, love how BROWN the interior is.  There is an ongoing discussion among several ladies (myself included)  in a Facebook group for RV owners that you can tell RV interiors are designed by men because they are overly monochromatic with neutrals like gray and/or brown.


In the case of our lovely little traveling estate, it is brown. Or, more specifically, the trim name given by Keystone that year was “truffle.”  Truffle was an understatement.  There was so much brown when we went to see it at the dealer, I immediately insisted, once we signed the papers, that I HAD to at least get a new blanket for it because there was so much brown.

It’s been a little over a year since we hooked our truck up to her, and I still can’t stand all the brown.  Especially since my friend Kristin at Taz & Belly just completely overhauled her 2007 Keystone Jag and made it look amazing.  Her modifications inspired me to definitely brighten up the colors of our travel trailer.


Lest you think I’m over exaggerating, I can assure you I am not.  Just these few photographs can show the overabundance of brown within the camper.  Notice the brown sofa, the brown cornice boards, the brown curtains, the brownish table, the wallpaper border, the cabinets, etc.  All so much BROWN.

Stay tuned, though, because the BROWN is about to go DOWN!  I got the okay to make a few cosmetic changes as long as they were not permanent.  I’ve purchased some fabrics with plans to cover some cushions and make some window treatments!

Do you feel similarly about the colors in the interior of your RV? Have you made any changes?  Any recommendations?

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