These Aren’t Your Average S’mores! 5 Versions of the Campfire Classic

5 VERSIONS OF S'MORES I SAVOIE FAIRE BLOGIf there is one thing I love about camping, it’s the food.  Whether it is cooking up a pot of jambalaya over the campfire or grilling up some hot dogs, I love it all.  If we are being honest here, I just love food in general, but I especially love s’mores.  There is just something incredibly comforting when you experience crunch of the cracker and the ooze of the gooey marshmallows and chocolate.   It’s just out of this world!

Sometimes, though, I get bored with your regular garden variety s’mores. And sometimes, there are burn bans at the campground, it’s too hot for a fire, or I’m too antsy to wait for the marshmallow to roast perfectly.  When that’s the case, I like to rely on these different versions of s’mores.

Peeps S’mores

Most people have a love or hate relationship with Peeps, the famous sugar coated marshmallows in the shapes of chicks and bunnies that we all have seen around Easter.  Personally, I don’t really like them at all, I find that they are overly sweet.  BUT I LOVE them in a s’more.  When roasted, the sugar on the peeps creates a perfectly crunchy and caramelized exterior to the oozing goodness of the middle marshmallow.  This is actually the only way that I’ll eat Peeps and I stalk the stores after Easter to get extras on clearance to keep in the camper! Ha!

No Fire S’moresno fire s'mores I savoie faire blog

I always keep the ingredients for these on hand when I get an envie for s’mores.  They are super simple and are safe to make around the little ones, too.  You still get the flavors without the risk of burning your tongue or fingers on a hot marshmallow.  These are also great if there is a burn ban or if it is too hot for a campfire.  Simply break your graham crackers into halves, spread some marshmallow fluff and Nutella on the inside of the grahams, and enjoy! Or, if you want to use chocolate, you can dip the sandwiches in melted chocolate chips. They still taste delicious but are much easier and safer for everyone!

Happy Camper Crunch

Sometimes I just don’t feel like getting my hands all gooey and dirty, but I still want to enjoy the goodness that is s’mores.  If I know we are going on a camping trip with a big group, sometimes I will make a batch of this snack mix to share for a snack or dessert after a community dinner.   I also made this and put it in little baggies for a camping themed birthday party when my son was 2 and it was a big hit! It’s as easy and combining a small box of Golden Grahams Cereal, a bag of mini marshmallows, and a bag of semi sweet chocolate chips in a big ziplock and mixing well. If you want to avoid a mess with the chocolate chips, you can use chocolate O’s instead!

happy camper crunch I savoie faire blogChoco-Cookie S’mores

If you were to ask anyone what my one food weakness is- it would be chocolate chip cookies.  Some people love ice cream, others love cake, but I am a sucker when it comes to a good freshly made chocolate chip cookie.  This idea was developed when I tried to give my then 3 year old a traditional s’more and he informed me he didn’t like graham crackers.  Naturally, we had some chocolate chip cookies on hand and I subbed the cookies in and these delicious bites of heaven were born!

S’mores Crispy Treats

Yes, you read that right.  These are a totally a copycat of the famous Rice Krispy Treats, except instead of using Rice Krispies, I use Golden Grahams Cereal.  I also add in mini chocolate chips and if I am feeling really adventurous, I’ll melt some extra chocolate chips and drizzle the chocolate over them to make them look fancy.  These are great to make before a camping trip (or a bake sale, perhaps?)  cut them up, and wrap for a quick sweet treat!

Do you have any great ideas for s’mores alternatives?  We’d love to give them a try!


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