fishing cajun palms I savoie faire blogRight off Interstate 10 in the heart of Cajun country you can find Cajun Palms RV Resort. Probably one of the first RV resorts in Louisiana, Cajun Palms is a campground that puts their focus on fun and activities for the family.

Cajun Palms is has over 300 campsites that surround a water park, playground, clubhouse, and miniature golf course. All roads within the resort are concrete and level, however the campsites could be tight for larger motorhomes and trailers. Sites have some space but have little to no shade. All sites have full hookups and cable television. Upon check in, everyone in your party will be given an armband that must be worn while on the premises. The first 4 armbands are included in the price of the campsite, however, if you have extra guests, an extra fee is charged per person, per day. The only exception is made for children in a family, however a birth certificate providing proof of parentage is required to avoid the fee. Bracelets provide entrance into the pool and other entertainment areas; and are used at the resort to charge food, drinks, etc. onto your account. Guides will show you to your site and assist if needed. Overall, park staff is friendly and accommodating.cajun palms main pool I savoie faire blog

Amenities include 3 pools: one large pool with a swim up bar, one for waterslides and volleyball, and a large shallow childrens’ pool with spray features and small slides. The pools do not open until 10 A.M. and a line forms outside the gate as early as 9:15 or 9:30 for guests to reserve chairs for their party with towels, etc. There are pool cabanas provided for a fee. For the amount of people permitted within the resort, there does not appear to be enough chairs available to accommodate guests. No outside food or drinks are allowed in the pool; employees are at the gates checking bags before they permit you to enter. The pools are nice, but it was noted on several different trips that the chlorine levels in the main pool is so strong that it burns the skin of the children near their eyes, even with wearing goggles. Also, if you are visiting on a Saturday, the main pool becomes so crowded with guests that the pool filtration seems to have trouble keeping up. It was full of hair, bugs, and a greasy sheen on top of the water. This was notably not present on days when the crowd was not as large. There is also a hot tub for those 18 and up, however, every time we have gotten inside, the water is not very hot. The childrens’ pool is fun for the smaller kids, but older children may get bored quickly as it is shallow and all of the slides are small. There are also two larger waterslides that flow into a volleyball pool; these were great, and provided fun for the kids, but this pool is not very large.

Other amenities include a playground, mini movie theater, miniature golf, an arcade, a gym, beach volleyball court, fishing ponds, and a band stand with bar. Miniature golf, movies, and simulator all incur an additional charge. Cajun Palms also offers wifi, but that also comes with an additional charge. Bath Houses at Cajun Palms are well maintained and equipped with roomy showers and space. Laundry equipment is also available in the bath houses.

cajun palms slides I savoie faire blogThere is a big conundrum at Cajun Palms, though. While it offers many family friendly activities, it is not 100% kid friendly. The kid-centric pool is great, there is lot of fun for smaller children, but the other pool, as mentioned before is ½ adult and ½ kid friendly. This pool is often very crowded with adults enjoying alcoholic beverages and also, as mentioned before, strong on the chemicals. The general atmosphere of that pool is more adult-centric even though there are slides and play spaces that are child centered within the pool. Also, while there are lots of roads for kids to ride bikes and explore, the environment is not safe for them to do so. Cajun Palms permits its guests to drive golf carts through the property, and there is a constant steady stream of a golf cart parade throughout the resort. Because there is no way to police golf carts, there is a constant need for children to pull over to accommodate golf carts. Also, loud music is permitted until 10 or 11 at night, so it may be difficult for small children, or adults to settle in for the night.

Overall Cajun Palms is a fun experience for the family. The several times we have gone, we have enjoyed ourselves. However, as a family, we are not fans of the party atmosphere and overcrowded pool as well as the additional “nickel and dime” aspect of extra charges on several amenities. Overall Cajun Palms is worth a visits if it suits you and your family- when It comes to our family, we prefer a more laid-back vibe.

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