What a Difference New Windows Can Make!

living area i savoie faireRemember when I mentioned how much I hated all of the brown in our camper and how I couldn’t wait to get rid of it?

We JUST finished our first step in making changes within the camper.  I got together with my mom and we sewed (ok, she sewed, I just advised) new curtain valences for the camper.  Prior to our changes, all of the valences were dark brown and were either curtain valences or, like in the dinette, cornice board valences.  I couldn’t STAND them.  To me, they looked like something straight out of the 80’s, and while I love the 80’s and all of their awesome movies, music and tv shows, I don’t like the overabundance of drab brown colors!

Back when we first bought the camper, I purchased this adorable camper themed fabric from a seller on Etsy.  We used a yard of it to cover the small throw pillows that came with the camper.  I loved that fabric so much I ordered four more yards and decided to use it to make curtains to replace all of the ugly brown!  dinette curtains i savoie faire

We simply just measured all of the windows and made simple rod pocket valences that would fit the existing hardware (which was the classic u-shaped adjustable rods) and changed them out.  The windows in the rear slide and in the living area had the valences with additional side curtains that were connected by tension as well.  We removed those altogether.  When it came to the dinette, that was a little more complicated.

The dinette valences were cornice-board style and the blinds were screwed directly into the cornice board.  We had to remove those from the cornices and then screw them into the wall instead of into the board, as that is how the accordion shades were installed on the other non-cornice board windows throughout the trailer.  This was simple and easy.  Once we had those, we purchased some additional u-shaped rods for around $1.50 each and installed those with the included hardware, flush to the ceiling.  The end result made a HUGE difference in the brightness of the trailer.  While it is still heavy on the brown, the slight change brighten up the interior quite considerably!

bedroom windows I savoie faireThe next step in the interior transformation includes covering the cushions of the dinette and jacknife sofa.  I can’t wait to see how those changes will brighten up the camper even more!

Do you like your trailer’s window treatments?  Are you looking to change them out?  Have you changed them? We’d love to see what you have done!

2 Comments on “What a Difference New Windows Can Make!

  1. Your curtains are super cute, and you’re right, curtains do make a huge difference! I was undecided about making curtains for my RV because after I removed the floral cornices, I thought the shades didn’t look too bad on their own, but recently I decided to make white curtains for my windows (made out of bed sheets, actually!), and I really like the result–so much brighter and more homey. I posted a picture of them on my Instagram, here: https://www.instagram.com/p/BW_TgaVl0Pt/?taken-by=ourrvadventure
    …and, as soon as I went to Instagram to get the link to show you I saw that you had already commented on my picture! Too funny!

    I actually wrote a blog post about other people’s RV window makeovers…working on it was what inspired me to finally do my own! 🙂


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