The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pajamas

It all started with a pair of pajamas.

When Krissy Ronk, a camping enthusiast from Bonita Springs, Florida, stopped in at her local Walmart she found an adorable pair of RV themed pajamas for under $10 that would be the beginning of something very special.  Soon after getting her pajamas,  she shared her find in a local Facebook “camping group” where users shared reviews and tips of campgrounds, gear, and RV life.  Soon after she shared her find, several other ladies in the group chimed in that they had them, too!  Before long the pajama discussions began to overwhelm the group, and then, the RV Pajama Party was born.PJ COLLECTION I SAVOIE FAIRE

Started in July 2017 with a small group of members, the RV Pajama Party Facebook Club has grown to include over 11,000 members from across the United States, Canada, and as far as Australia!  While the group began with members on a search for a certain pair of pajamas that were available only at Walmart stores, the group has grown to include women (and men) of all backgrounds who just want to have a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine) while commiserating with a group of friends, (who just happen to like to do it in their jammies).  What has happened, though, is that this group has created a club of mostly women who have bonded through their passion for living life to the fullest, camping, RV life, camp themed gifts and products, and most importantly, pajamas.

It isn’t all about pajamas, though.

Last year, I was having a hard time letting go of a difficult ‘friendship’ and the RV Pajama Party provided me with a community of like minded people who are kind, generous, and thoughtful of those around them.  PAJAMA PARTY I SAVOIE FAIRE BLOGThe kindness of the group was easily visible when I saw how members were buying pajamas for complete strangers because they could not locate them;  reaching out when a member’s mother passed away;  or even heading across the country (in their RV!) to help a new friend who was about to face a major operation.  When Hurricane Harvey ravaged Texas, members rallied together to help others. The positive energy and environment were a great tool for bringing a smile to my day and almost a year later, I still enjoy scrolling through the many humorous, positive, and and kind discussions the ladies of this group share.

For members Kay & Gina, the group was the catalyst for a friendship that spans 2300 miles and an immeasurable bond.  Having met on an RV Tips page, their friendship blossomed when they both joined the Pajama Party group and built a friendship over a pair of pajamas that Kay gifted to Gina.  This friendship strengthened when Gina and her husband traveled in their RV to aid Kay and her family before she faced a major surgery.  There is a strong sense of ‘family’ among this group and a common bond shared by these women: the search for the elusive camping pajamas (which, the search includes all camping themed pajamas, not just the Walmart ones), the love of the outdoors, and most importantly, a quest for the connection of friendship and sisterhood with those who share the same interests.

One of the common things that our family has always treasured about our RV PAJAMA PARTY 2 I SAVOIE FAIRE BLOGcamping trips is the sense of “community” that is always present at a campground.  Everywhere we have camped,  we have always met campers who are incredibly friendly and hospitable, sometimes even sharing snacks, bug repellent, or even a glass of wine or a beer over the campfire.  Often,  a quick conversation while walking the dog or riding bikes can turn into a friendship along with fellow “camping buddies” for future trips.  This has certainly been the case with the RV Pajama Party group, where members have discovered each other at campgrounds around the country simply by the signature pajamas, the group’s official decal, or a garden flag placed strategically at a campsite.   Over the last year, members of the RV Pajama Party group have organized group camping trips, fundraisers, and even a celebration of life for breast cancer survivors, further bringing the online community together for in person connection.

PJ PARTY BRUNCH I SAVOIE FAIRE BLOGThe lesson is this:  if, when you are walking around a campground and you see ladies in their RV pajamas, maybe stop and ask them if they are part of the club…. and if you see ladies running around your local Walmart in a mad search for the latest in RV Pajamas (yes, there is a new version for 2018!)  don’t look at them like they are crazy, they are likely in search of those amazing pajamas that connects them to over 11,000 other ladies who share the love like they do.

Interested in joining the RV Pajama Party?   Get your jammies and join up!

Have you ever found a sense of community while camping? Are you a part of a camping club?


4 Comments on “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pajamas

  1. This is a beautifully written blog highlighting a few of the numerous stories of those rv pjs. Gina is my best friend. Her whole traveling family has become a part of mine. Our relationship is much stronger than the threads of the pjs. A complete stranger that Some thought I had finally gone looney and invited to my home. There are still great people in this world and many of them you will find camping. Take a chance. I’m so glad I did!


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