2018 Disney Dream Cruise Overview

Like I have mentioned before, sometimes our travels take us beyond what we can do in our travel trailer- usually once a year we will try to take a nice vacation that might take us somewhere beyond the continental US or even maybe somewhere too far to tow the camper (which is a whole post in and of itself!).   Back at the beginning of June, we sailed on our first cruise with Disney Cruise Line aboard the Disney Dream.   The Disney Dream was completed in 2011 and is one of the largest ships in the DCL fleet until they introduce their newest ships, the first of which is to arrive in 2021!   unlimited ice cream disney cruise i savoie faire blog

We took one of the few 5 day “Double Dip” Bahamas cruises on DCL’s schedule.   Because this cruise was during prime vacation and cruise season, our rates were somewhat higher than average.   Because of this, we opted to book our trip well over 18 months in advance to be able to save and make payments in preparation for this extra special vacation.  When reserving a cruise with DCL, there is a deposit of 20% required when you book your trip…. so keep that in mind!  We booked our Disney Cruise with a travel agent so that we would be in contact with someone who was knowledgeable about Disney Cruise Line, the tips, tricks, advice, etc. about sailing for the first time.    Amanda with Delightful Destinations is our choice for  a top notch agent with tons of tips, info, and amazing service with booking your Disney cruise vacation- we highly recommend her and if you haven’t already, take a peek at all of her blog posts about Disney!

Having cruised in the past on Royal Caribbean, we made a joke that the Disney cruise better be amazing, as it was significantly more expensive than those cruises we took in the past.    I can say, with confidence, that there is a reason why cruises with Disney Cruise Line are pricier than others- the seamless embarkation & debarkation procedures, attention to detail,   amazing guest service and experience,  cleanliness,  variety of activities for all ages and interests, and the entertainment alone were top notch and far exceeded our expectations for what we had experienced in the past on other cruise lines.  When people talk about the extra “magic” that Disney has to offer its guests, they are not kidding.  Just those extra touches made such a difference in the quality and enjoyment of our trip and we can now understand why so many people say that once you cruise Disney, you have a hard time cruising elsewhere. sailaway party disney I savoie faire blog

We had an amazing trip full of memories and fun and I am looking forward to sharing some of the highlights with y’all in the next few weeks I know that in the months leading up to our trip, I was scouring blogs and the internet to read about the trips of other families and what they loved, what they recommended, and any tips and tricks they had, so I figured I’d pay it forward!

If there is anything you’d like to know, please feel free to drop us a line and ask!   Stay tuned!

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