Disney Cruise: Castaway Cay

One of the reasons I think so many people repeat cruises aboard Disney Cruise Line is because every single one of their Caribbean cruises always features a stop at Disney’s very own island, Castaway Cay (prounounced Key), an island in the Bahamas that Disney has turned into their very own island paradise, which, like all Disney properties, has been cleverly imagineered to provide enjoyment for guests of all ages.

094Our cruise was one of the few “double dip” cruises that DCL offers.  What this means is that there are TWO stops at Castaway Cay for guests sailing on the cruise.  Most of their cruises only feature one stop, so this was especially nice.  What we enjoyed about this was that on our first stop, we were able to just enjoy the island as a whole.  We relaxed on the beach and in the water, had a nice BBQ lunch at Cookie’s, and took a walk around the island to see what it had to offer. We rented tubes for a small fee and went snorkeling as well. Our second visit included a shore excursion at Castaway Ray’s Stingray adventure, and more relaxing on the beach and in the plentiful hammocks they have in the shade all around the island.   We also saw a lot of guests doing the Castaway Cay 5K, which we had considered, but sleeping in was far more appealing! When we were tired of walking after a fun but tiring day at the beach, we just took the tram back to the port entrance and it was a snap!  147Our son even took in the Oceaneer’s Club on the island and had a blast!  There was always character meetups around the island, dance parties, and even a DJ to entertain guests, and this was all included.   One thing I highly recommend doing:  stop at the Castaway Cay post office and send off a few postcards to yourself and friends and family at home…. and wait…. because it’s a nice, unexpected surprise when the postcards finally arrive!

Lunch at Cookie’s BBQ was also included and plentiful and featured BBQ ribs, chicken, burgers and hot dogs, along with many delicious sides and desserts.  There was also a fruit stand with fresh fruit and the favorite of the kids: the unlimited ice cream, which one day featured a mango flavor (that was DELISH!).   I highly recommend the ribs, which were fall off the bone delicious, as well as the fruit salad that they offered.

338My ONLY complaint about Castaway Cay, is that the shore and beach was rough on your feet.  Because we live on the NW Gulf Coast, we are spoiled with our soft, sugar white sand beaches.   The beach on Castaway had a lot of rocks, coral, etc. so if you were swimming or walking on the shoreline, you risked getting cuts and such on your feet. Water shoes of some sort are definitely needed!  But this is something I wasn’t aware of going into it, and it was probably just because I was expecting soft sand like back home!  Otherwise, the water was beautiful, and the service and detail to everything there was top notch!

Overall, we really enjoyed our visits to Castaway Cay.  All of the Disney cast members on the island were incredibly friendly, helpful, and excited to be there to make our vacation as memorable as possible.  The grounds were beautiful and well maintained, and the details were well thought out.  We definitely look forward to going back!

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