Our Camper



After several years with our 2006 Surveyor, we took the plunge and purchased our 2014 Keystone Outback 250RS in January of 2016.  We loved the rear slide layout and the large central “living” area allowing space for us to spread out when we have rainy weather on our camping excursions.  We also love our camper for the mini bunkhouse near the front for our little fella and for the ample storage.   Travel length of this camper is 25′, but when we are settled down and parked, the length increases to 31′ thanks to the rear slide which houses the master bedroom area.


Here is our “master” – it is a rear slide that is a king sized bed.  We immediately replaced the mattress that came with the camper with a memory foam mattress we purchased from Amazon.  It is incredibly comfortable.  The quilt and such that came with the camper was brown (there is SO MUCH BROWN in this thing, I’m working on trying to make it less so!!!) so we opted to get a matelasse style quilt because it is just the right weight to keep us comfortable year round.   Also, because there are no sides to this bed, etc. I used a queen sized quilt for the king sized bed.  Works like a charm!


Our living or den area is right next to our bedroom and it houses a jack knife sofa that we often will fold out and lay down to watch a movie when we have bad weather or if we want to relax and cool down for a bit.  Once again, this came with some very drab brown throw pillows that I decided to cover with this adorable fabric.  I bought some more yards of this fabric in the hopes of making new curtain valances for the camper to break up some of the brown.  Also, sofa and dinette cushion covers are in the plans for the future!


One of my favorite places in our RV is this dinette super slide which is home to this awesome fold down table and the giant dinette that we can sit together and enjoy meals, game time, or just relax and draw, journal or color.  Plans for this area include recovering the cornice boards and dinette cushions! There are also two giant storage drawers under the dinette and it turns into a queen bed!

Stay tuned for more details on our camper updates on the bunkhouse, storage options, the kitchen, the outdoor kitchen, and more!


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